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Executive Director

Iowa Institute for Cooperatives
Ames, Iowa

The Executive Director acts as the Chief Executive Officer for the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives with the focus on our mission of Enhancing our Member Cooperatives’ Success.  The Executive Director is responsible for the operations of the organization, which includes planning, budgeting, staffing, and resource and staff development. This position will oversee policy and program development and implementation. The position will maintain positive internal and external relationships with stakeholders in the Institute.

Job Description

Location and travel: Ames, Iowa.  In-state travel is estimated at two to three days per week.  Overnight travel is estimated at approximately 30 nights per year. 

A. Organizational


  1. Provide oversight and management working with a team of staff members of all operations, programs, and services.

  2. Lead the planning process to develop plans to meet the Institute’s Strategic Initiatives.

  3. Lead the annual budget planning process, and closely monitor financial performance staying within the IIC Board’s policies.

  4. Evaluate and maintain staffing levels needed to meet the Institute’s goals.

  5. Coach, mentor, and perform an annual review with the staff of the Institute. Work with staff to identify and implement individual goals and development plans

  6. Advise the Board of Directors in a timely matter of matters related to the direction of the organization, and progress toward its goals.


B.  Communications


  1. Set proper tone of integrity, professionalism, and goodwill in all communications internally and externally.

  2. Provide monthly operation and financial reports to the Board of Directors.

  3. Establish and maintain close working relationships with other cooperative associations

  4. Build understanding and promote harmony with non-cooperative entities that may impact the Institute’s membership.

  5. Continually promote the value of cooperatives among members, cooperative employees, other organizations, and the public.

  6. Continually address and build the value of membership in the Institute in all communications with members and potential members.

  7. Remain current on trends and events that pose threats or opportunities to cooperatives and inform the membership of such information



C.  Programming and Services


  1. Actively engage Institute staff and outside resources to develop, implement, and evaluate programming and services offered by the Institute.

  2. Continually explore cost-efficient and effective methods to deliver programming and services to Iowa Institute members.

  3. Continually evaluate staffing and resource deployment to accomplish the Institute’s programming and services goals in an effective and efficient manner.


The Executive Director will be expected to complete any other tasks as assigned by the IIC Board of Directors.


  1. A passion for and belief in the cooperative system is required.  Prior working experience in the cooperative system is highly desirable but not required. 

  2. A four-year degree is preferred but not required.

  3. A working knowledge and understanding of board governance is preferred. 

  4. The successful candidate must have excellent written and verbal skills. Excellent interpersonal skills are also essential and mandatory.

  5. The successful candidate will have a professional, mature demeanor and will be able to establish stakeholder relations with peers, industry partners, and members.

  6. The successful candidate must be a self-starter and able to manage their time in a professional manner and work independently.

  7. The ideal candidate will be a strong public speaker, presenting in-person and virtually to large and small groups. 

  8. The candidate must be licensed to drive in the state of Iowa. 


All inquiries and information will be handled in strict confidence.  Interested parties should contact Laura Blomme at 515.444.7342 or  

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