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Executive Director

New Mexico Beef Council
Albuquerque, NM

The Executive Director will report to the nine directors of the New Mexico Beef Council.  She/he will provide overall leadership, vision, and direction through beef promotion and research efforts and consumer and industry information programs to increase beef demand and opportunities for beef producers across New Mexico.  

Job Description

The mission of the New Mexico Beef Council is to protect and increase demand for beef and beef products in New Mexico through national and state developed consumer marketing programs, thereby enhancing profit opportunities for beef producers in New Mexico.


Job Overview

The Executive Director will report directly to the New Mexico Beef Council Directors.  She/he will provide vision, leadership, and direction by developing and implementing beef promotion, research, consumer information, and industry information programs to increase beef demand and beef products and provide enhanced profit opportunities for beef producers across the state. The Executive Director oversees staff and daily business operations in accordance with state and federal policies. The New Mexico Beef Council (NMBC) is funded by the Federal Beef Checkoff and Council Assessment (State) on all cattle sold in New Mexico.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Set the direction for the NMBC, with council approval, by strategically developing programs and the “Annual Marketing Plan” in alignment with resource allocation and prioritization of initiatives. 

  • Manage and monitor the Beef Checkoff and Council Assessment collections and compliance including procedures consistent with the Beef Promotion and Research Act and Order and the New Mexico Statute Chapter 7, Article 2A; communicate these checkoff programs to producers in New Mexico.

  • Serves as a spokesperson for the NMBC on industry and crisis matters to various beef, agricultural and consumer audiences, as well as trade and consumer media, including local cattlemen and livestock organizations throughout the state.

  • Manage all council business and office operations including budgeting, annual audit and financial reporting as required by federal and state statutes.

  • Directs hiring, dismissal, training, performance appraisal and management of staff and contractors in accordance with NMBC policies.

  • Coordinate state and national programs by directing, motivating and monitoring staff and contractors in the implementation of all promotion, research, consumer information programs in accordance with the NMBC’s marketing plan.  This requires innovation and cooperation to leverage partnerships with other industry organizations and key stakeholders. 

  • Communicate, establish and maintain effective relationships with the council as well as national and state industry organizations which operate within the realm of the Beef Checkoff.

  • Serve as the principal contact person of the NMBC at national and state industry meetings as well as the Qualified State Beef Council contact for Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board, United States Department of Agriculture and related industry organizations.

  • As the principal contact person of the NMBC to NCBA and other industry organizations, travel to state and national industry meetings is required. 

  • Other job duties as assigned.



  • EDUCATION – Four year degree in Agriculture, Marketing/Management, Business, or a related field required.  Advance degree and experience at an executive level in agriculture preferred. 

  • EXPERIENCE – Leading a beef industry livestock, agricultural organization and/or trade group for five years, preferred.  Strategic planning, budget development, personnel, and financial management.  Familiarity with New Mexico and Western beef industry, culture, and challenges.  Knowledge of Checkoff Programs and Beef Promotion and Research Act and Order preferred.  Understanding of council/board and association management preferred.



  • SKILLS – Motivated self-starter with excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with a diverse group of stakeholders.  Ability to envision and articulate new opportunities for the NMBC and the industry.  Leadership, marketing, management, motivation and consensus building skills.  General computer literacy, experience in using Microsoft Office products, and understanding digital advertising, social media and website maintenance.

  • VALUES & CULTURE – Respects the cattle industry’s values and is accountable to living out the NMBC culture.

  • COMPELLING COMMUNICATION – Persuasive spokesperson with strong written and oral communication skills.  Clearly and succinctly conveying information and ideas to individuals and groups; communicating in a focused and compelling way that captures and holds others’ attention.

  • DIVERSITY & INCLUSIVITY – Is sensitive to cultural diversity, race, gender, and other individual differences in the workforce; recognizes the value of diverse perspectives and experiences and fosters a work environment reflective of the community at large.

  • FINANCIAL ACUMEN – Utilizing financial data to diagnose business strengths and weaknesses and identify the implications for potential strategies, keeping a financial perspective in the forefront when making strategic decisions.

  • OPERATIONAL DECISION MAKING – Securing and comparing information from multiple sources to identify business issues, committing to an action after weighing alternative solutions against important decision criteria.

  • PASSION FOR RESULTS – Driving high standards for individual, team, and organizational accomplishment; tenaciously working to meet or exceed challenging goals; deriving satisfaction from goal achievement and continuous improvement. Must possess high integrity, ethics and values and have a strong passion for the beef industry. 

  • COMPLEXITY – Work assignment is unstructured and leader is responsible for establishing and directing the vision and objectives of the operation.  Duties performed include operational and organizational planning, developing standards, priorities, guidelines, processes, measurement (evaluation) systems, implementation of production and performance management standards and allocating resources.  Work is strategic in nature.


Albuquerque, NM


Interested candidates should submit their application for consideration by confidentially contacting Laura Blomme at 515-444-7342 or

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