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Swine Veterinarian

Great Bend, KS

AMVC is seeking an experienced Swine Veterinarian to join a proficient team at Livestock Services, Inc. (LSI), an independently owned/operated company managing gilt multiplication development, located in Great Bend, KS.  

The Details

Position Overview:

The Swine Veterinarian will play an integral role in a highly engaged and knowledgeable management team.  This opportunity presents a unique veterinary role interfacing with PIC’s health management team, a mentoring relationship within AMVC, and an interface with major swine production system veterinarians. 


Operating on 26 farms, this nursery/finish system produces industry recognized performance consistency.  A team of experienced production, financial, and general management personnel working with engaged barn owner/managers has created an inviting culture.  This position presents a direct role for a veterinarian to join in a business management and leadership role. 


This is a unique opportunity to have big company benefits in a small company culture. 


Duties include:

  • Adhere to all biosecurity and animal wellbeing policies and protocols at all times to ensure the health of the animals

  • Monitor overall herd health using science-based processes and procedures and train swine caretakers on proper biosecurity techniques and protocols

  • Assess biosecurity procedures during site visits

  • Conduct routine herd visits in a timely manner and communicate the findings of those visits with management team

  • Conduct post-mortem examinations

  • Collect tissue samples, blood samples, oral fluid samples, etc. for diagnostic evaluation

  • Train swine caretakers to identify herd health issues and how to properly communicate concerns to the production management team

  • Monitor overall vaccine and medication use, assess techniques, and evaluate the results of various products

  • Train swine caretakers on the appropriate storage, preparation, mixing and dilution techniques for vaccines

  • Conduct one-on-one training with farm personnel and swine caretakers to develop techniques that will positively impact production

  • Utilize production records to assess the effectiveness of the herd health programs

  • Collaborate and communicate effectively with team members at LSI, PIC, AMVC, and all other partners and stakeholders


Required Qualifications:

  • Must be a self-starter and able to train and empower team members

  • Must be detail-oriented, organized, and dependable

  • Must be able to adapt quickly to the fast pace and ever-changing needs of the position while maintaining a positive attitude

  • Communicate effectively across diverse groups of people

  • A DVM degree with an emphasis in swine production, along with experience in the swine field, is required for this position. 



  • Great Bend, Kansas

Travel Required:

  • 5-10% annually


Interested candidates should submit their application for consideration by confidentially contacting Laura Blomme at or 515-444-7342.  

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