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Ryan Sauer

Hedlin Ag Places Ryan Sauer as VP of Market Development at Iowa Corn Growers Association

Ryan Sauer.jpeg

Hedlin Ag is excited to announce the placement of Ryan Sauer as Vice President of Market Development at Iowa Corn Growers Association.


Ryan comes to Iowa Corn with an outstanding background for the position and 20+ years of experience in agriculture.

"I am really looking forward to having the opportunity to advocate on behalf of Iowa Farmers and help advance the mission of expanding uses of corn within the United States and across the globe," said Ryan when asked what he is most looking forward to in his new role. "In doing so, my hope is to be able to improve the lives of the men and women who work so hard to produce the food and fuel for the world and create a lasting impact so future generations can be afforded the same opportunities."

"I am very impressed with not only the professionalism of the Hedlin Ag’s search process, but more importantly, the quality of the candidates presented. I would highly recommend Hedlin Ag for any Executive Search!" - Mark S., COO

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